Celme means the present moment, our home, our wine.

We are Jorge and Dori, two trained engineers who decided to turn our lives around and turn our passion into our life project.

Celme, our winery was founded in 2016, in the parish of Astariz (Castrelo de Miño) within the D.O. Ribeiro. Our wines are certified organic and are the result of a very meticulous work, using only native grape varieties to produce special and unique wines.

Our wines

Celme do Souto

25,00 (IVA incl.)

Red wine

This wine aims to be a faithful expression of our terroir and our grape varieties with two nuances and the added complexity provided by subtle oak ageing. The result is a complex wine with great potential for ageing, where the presence of fruit and floral notes are complemented by soft secondary aromas from the oak.

Celmú White

20,00 (IVA incl.)


To enjoy during the aperitif or after dinner. The handcrafted aromatization with a wide range of herbs and spices makes it not leave anyone indifferent. A unique vermouth that on the basis of a good wine adds multiple and complex aromas. The smooth sweetness and bitter finish make it an extremely versatile drink that even the least discerning vermouth drinkers enjoy.

Celme tostado

64,00 (IVA incl.)

Without a doubt our most special, complex and unique preparation. A wine based on the ancient history and tradition of Ribeiro and considered one of the best wines in the world. No detail is left without meticulous control throughout the entire process: harvesting, drying, fermentation and aging. A titanic and continuous effort that results in a wine that is impossible to describe simply with words.

Celme Garabito

29,00 (IVA incl.)

White whinte

For a special occasion. The structure of Treixadura and the aromatics of Loureira grow exponentially in complexity and intensity during barrel ageing. A well-balanced acidity and the work of the lees provide freshness, creaminess and smoothness that complete a tasty, subtle and rounded wine.

Celme Espontáneo

22,00 (IVA incl.)

This wine is simply unrepeatable. It is a spontaneous fermentation, a self-made wine with no intervention from our side. It is the result of a long process, almost geological, in which our only merit is to step aside and wait. A deep, long, complex wine with a nostalgic twist that takes us to an ancient time where nature and its rhythm ruled everything.

Celme do Vintecatro

22,00 (IVA incl.)

A unique wine from a very special vintage. A 100% Godello single varietal from our terraces born on a unique date. A unique vintage of one of our favourite varieties that is presented without the need for any complement. Freshness, complexity, intensity and varietal typicity at levels difficult to repeat. It is also the first of our wines to be made entirely under organic viticulture criteria.

Celme da pena bicada

18,00 (IVA incl.)

White wine

With this wine we aim to obtain the maximum expression of our castes, for which we make each one separately at its exact moment of maturation and then blend it in the proportions we consider most appropriate. The result is a complex and multi-hued wine, with a long journey and at the same time friendly and inviting to enjoy a bottle in good company.


We make wine, yes, and vermouth, too, but we don’t limit ourselves to just that. We offer a wide range of original and fun activities and experiences for anyone who wants to get to know us in person. Find out about our full range of experiences and make your reservation in the wine tourism section.

Ecological Agriculture

In 2019 we started to work our vineyard 100% according to organic farming criteria. After a long process of certification and numerous rigorous inspections of our work, finally the wines of the 2022 and subsequent vintages have the seal of the Consello Regulador de Agricultura Ecolóxica de Galicia (Craega).

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